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Storage and Packing Supplies

Different items require different packing solutions and we offer a wide range of packing materials so that you have everything you need for the removal and storage process! Our team of professional removalists and storage experts can help you pack and protect your furniture and possessions, and even store them in our secure units for you! At South Side Storage, we have you and your possessions covered!


We offer a range of packing and storage boxes including tea chest cartons and book cartons. Our tea chest cartons are large enough to pack and store items such as clothing, bedding and pillows and are ideal for domestic or office moves or storage. They are made of double strength cardboard, meaning that that won’t break when packed or lifted. Our book cartons are smaller and are ideal for books, DVDs and other small items. These are made from a single, sturdy cushion cardboard.

When you’re packing your cardboard boxes for storage or transportation, it is important to use the right tape to seal your possessions safely and securely. At South Side Storage, we offer a range of durable, high-grade packing tape and dispensers, to make the packing process simpler and more comfortable!

Bubble Wrap

Did you know that bubble wrap was originally invented to be used as wallpaper? At South Side Storage, we decided that bubble wrap wallpaper isn’t really our style, and we use it as a protective packing material instead! We offer a range of different sizes of bubble wrap so that you can wrap anything from small, fragile items to some items of furniture!

Butcher’s Paper

We offer rolls of butcher’s paper to help you wrap and store your delicate and precious items. Butcher’s paper is sturdy and strong and is ideal for wrapping plates and other delicate items. It can also be used as a shock absorber by scrunching it and wedging it in between items, or to pad the top and bottom of your storage boxes!

Furniture Pads

Furniture pads are incredibly important when moving or storing furniture! Furniture pads are like protective blankets for your furniture; they ensure that your pieces don’t get scratched or dented while in transit or storage. At South Side Storage, we offer a range of furniture pads to ensure that your possessions remain protected and unscathed. e

Mattress & Lounge Covers

We offer a range of furniture and mattress covers to help protect your possessions. Covers provide a layer shield against dust, dirt and water during the removal and storage process, ensuring that your furniture and other possessions remain in the same state you stored them in!